South Street Chiropractic is proud to care for the following athletes: Sam Petty, Anna Squire and Claire Thomas.

Sam Petty - Biathlete


Sam Petty (20) runs for North Devon Athletic Club. He is currently one of the fastest 800m and 1500m runners in the UK and is regularly competing in national and international events. He is also a very fine swimmer and competes nationally and internationally in biathlons.

"We would like to say thanks for what you've done for Sam, when so-called experts we unable to alleviate his problem. He arrived home at the beginning of April unable to run, but he's now running at a higher pace than last year with no pain, thanks to your expertise." Colin Petty


Anna Squire - Cricketer


 Anna Squire is  a trailblazer. She is only 16 and yet has become the first female member to play in the top division of the North Devon League.  Anna  started to play for Filleigh aged 10, began playing men's cricket aged 14 and now, at only 16, she is the first girl to play in both the North Devon and Devon league first team. Anna has shown an extraordinary level of determination and commitment to her sport, as well as her customary modesty.  All sports men and women sustain injuries from time to time and Anna is  no exception.  However, we hope we will be able to help keep her firing on all cylinders. We watch in awe as she goes from strength to strength. 

"Thanks for getting me back on the pitch so soon. The K-Laser is insane!" Anna Squire

 Claire Thomas - Hockey Player


Claire Thomas (23) plays for Clifton Ladies Hockey Club (Bristol) in the National Hockey Premier League. Last season Claire was top goalscorer and player of the league in the Conference West (league below Prem), whilst Clifton finished 4th in the Premiership. This season, Claire, a Civil Engineer based in Exeter, has joined forces with Clifton in a bid to make an impression in the top league and to help them achieve a top 4 finish/European playoffs.