South Street Chiropractic Clinic Charter

This document describes the expected quality of standards, service, and the required behaviour for all who work in or attend South Street Chiropractic Clinic.


We endeavour to provide the highest standards of care to all our patients and to be effectively organised to enable their delivery.

All our Chiropractors must be qualified, registered and insured to the highest possible standards.

All Chiropractors will endeavour to continually improve our knowledge of Chiropractic and associated skills to provide the most appropriate treatment for our patient’s.

Patient’s medical details and the contents of an individual’s medical records will be kept strictly confidential by all members of staff, and will not be disclosed without your written consent, unless we are required to do so by law.



For appropriate conditions we aim to accurately diagnose, provide a treatment plan and explanation of the treatment plan to our patients.  We will endeavour to answer all questions regarding treatment and the method of treatment where possible.

We will always try to run on time and will only compromise this to maintain our standards of care.

We will strive to be as available as possible and make provision for your care in the event of absences.



We will be polite, courteous, dignified and respectful at all times. We expect this behaviour to be reciprocated.



We Expect from Patients

Prompt arrival for your appointments.

Please cancel, or change your appointment if you find that you cannot make it.  We will endeavour to send text reminders or telephone you in the hope that you will not forget appointments made in advance, therefore it is important that you let us know any changes in your personal details, especially telephone or mobile phone numbers.