Just Another Headache

As life gets busier and time gets shorter, daily stresses add to the sense of tension in our lives.  This commonly brings on an episode of headaches.  At South Street Chiropractic we have witnessed a large increase in the number of patients suffering these symptoms.

Migraine headaches singularly account for an £8 billion loss to productivity in the US alone, equalling some 112 million days in bed.  When combined with all types of headaches the figures become enormous, showing what an economic loss it is to us all.

The common headache is one of the most debilitating conditions suffered by people.  Headaches can become unbearable, affecting our lifestyles. We usually pop to the local chemist for the over the counter remedy and if these fail, chiropractic has become the most common therapy sought by patients.

Primary headaches fall broadly within three categories; migraine, cluster and tension/cervicogenic. Migraine and cervicogenic types respond well to spinal manipulation.  A classical migraine presents with an aura (warning period).  Adjustment at this point helps alleviate the onset of symptoms. Manipulation as part of a full treatment plan including avoidance of triggers, regulation of diet and sleep combined with nutritional supplements such as Feverfew, 5-htp or omega-3 oil aids remission.

Cervicogenic headaches are caused by referral of pain from the neck.  Manipulation is the treatment of choice.

Chiropractic treatment is based on the correct diagnosis of "headache type".  Once diagnosed simple adjustments of the upper back combined with muscular stretches release the associated myofascial and musculoligamentous structures reducing the referral of pain from the neck. Stop living with the pain, make the choice, make an appointment and allow us to help.

June 2011