What is the Evidence for the Success of Chiropractic?

Most practising chiropractors will simply look at their client base, amount of treatments and positive outcomes to exemplify the benefits of chiropractic spinal manipulation.

Chiropractic now fits within the complex world of the primary healthcare professions. That is to say long suffering patients use chiropractors as a first port of call for their aches and pains. With this increased and welcomed responsibility comes the need for regulation and objective research into chiropractic successes.

Over the preceding decades many NHS guidelines and research papers from illustrious bodies have backed up what chiropractors and patients have always known; early intervention with spinal manipulation greatly aids the recovery of patients suffering with back pain.


So if you are suffering with back pain and are cautious about which path to take, ask your friends about their treatment options. Ask them what chiropractic has done for them. Furthermore research the articles above; find objective, professional and clinical guidance along your path to a healthy pain free back.

Steven Rule BSc. (Chiro) BSc.(Hons) MMCA