Interesting and Challenging Cases 2011

One of the great joys of being involved in a Chiropractic clinic is seeing people with difficult and challenging problems, some of which have not responded to treatment thus far, get better and get their lives back on track.  Here are four stories from this year which I’m proud to use as examples.

Mr. A is an ex-Fire-fighter now Safety Expert who had a very long history of chronic lower back pain.  He was finding it very hard to work, as standing for more than an hour would bring on severe lumbar spasms.  He had been having treatment up to twice a week for several months to control the worst of his pain. I diagnosed a cranial lesion (bones of the skull not functioning as they should).  After a course of treatment we now meet every 2 months.  Last time we spoke he said “After a 10 hour day on my feet, my back aches a bit!”.

Mrs. B has a husband with dementia.  She was having severe lower back and leg pain, was stooping forwards and was finding it very difficult to manage the daily tasks.  She was quite anxious that her husband may need to go into care as she would not be able to look after him.  I diagnosed a counter-rotation of the pelvic bones. After four treatments she was upright and pain free and back to normal tasks. Her husband is still at home and doing well. We now meet at 6 weekly intervals as this way she “gets everything done!”

Master C is two years old.  Seven weeks after a nasty fall, which resulted in a broken leg, he was doing just fine.  Over four days he suddenly became an unusually quite child and completely lost the ability to walk, preferring to crawl again.  He could hardly stand.  His concerned mother asked “Can you help him?”  I was quite worried myself about this one.  When examined it became clear that the base of his spine was rotated at the attachment to the sacrum.  The top of his neck (the atlas) was rotated the other way, and the right hip muscles were locked in a very tight spasm. I treated him accordingly.  I bumped into his mother two days later.  She said he was back to his normal self in a matter of hours and was walking the next day.  Six weeks later he is still a very normal boisterous two year old.

Mr. D fell over on Christmas day 2009 and sustained a nasty spiral fracture to his right arm. Six months later he was unable to play badminton, couldn’t put his hand behind his back, had lost a third of the strength in his hand and the pain in the shoulder was disturbing his sleep. His condition wasn’t getting worse, but it wasn’t improving either. I diagnosed a subluxated scapula and nerve damage. He was aware of an improvement in symptoms after the first treatment.  I have treated him nine times over 18 months.  He now has normal grip strength and the arm is fully functional.

Julien Barker

Principal Chiropractor

South Street Chiropractic