Steven Rule


Steven Rule BSc. (Chiro)  BSc. (Hons) 


Like many Chiropractors, my first experience with the profession was born out of necessity, after an acute hospitalization with a lumbar disc herniation. After all else had failed, I sought treatment from a McTimoney Chiropractor. Within a couple of treatments I was up and about and back at work. After seeing the results for myself I was so impressed I took up the vocation.


Originally I hail from Cornwall, from where I moved onto University in Cheltenham. I graduated with a Chiropractic degree in 2004 and initially held successful clinics in Bristol and Cheltenham.

Working in Bristol I was heavily involved in one of the very first NHS Chiropractic programmes, sitting on the General Chiropractic Council's consultation panel; looking into the working relationship between Chiropractic and the NHS. This programme still runs successfully to the present day.

My main areas of expertise lie in manipulation; realigning the spine and working with the supporting muscle tissue.  When both approaches are combined they produce a complete treatment programme.

My family has recently moved to the countryside, living and working on Exmoor. We have purchased a rundown former hotel overlooking the sea and at present are turning it into a family home.

When not treating patients my physical energies go into swimming and cycling. Outside of sports I am involved with community work as a member of the Round Table and play active roles in fundraising within the Birdman and Rescue Day annual events at Ilfracombe.


I'm pleased to have been asked to join South Street Chiropractic - a rapidly growing practice - and welcome new patients.