20th January 2019

When I first came to South Street Chiropractic, I was in a bad way. I was stuck in a cycle of tolerating back pain for as long as I could and then getting it treated and starting the cycle over again. It took quite a bit of work, but Julien got me back onto an even keel and now, with planned visits, I am not on the rollercoaster of back pain that I used to be on. With thanks Glen 


15th November 2018 

In June 2018, I was in a bit of a state. I had become virtually immobile with severe back and leg pain which conventional painkillers and exercise had not really helped.

My leg “gave way” at times causing me to stumble or fall, and I had great difficulty sleeping. I hadbegun to think that my independent life was over.

Julien was recommended to me and I came for an assessment willing to give anything a try tomaybe get some pain relief and a bit of mobility. When Julien said be could definitely help me, Iwas so relieved. Julien asked me what my treatment goals were, and I said that I’d like to be able to walk to the local shops without severe pain, not really believing that it was fully achievable.

From the very first treatment my symptoms started to improve and after 6 weeks the pain has more than halved and my mobility had quadrupled. Now, 5 months on, I can walk to the local shops,

catch a bus to Barnstaple for shopping or to Westward Ho! for an ice cream. I sleep netter, and part from the odd twinge, I am pain free. Just marvellous!My goals have been more than achieved and I have my independence back.

Huge thank you’s to Julien, and the lovely friendly team at South Street Chiropractic


29th November 2018 

Earlier this year I fell and broke my wrist resulting in surgery. Whilst I cannot fault the emergencycare of the NHS, I received just 2 Physio appointments and was left feeling very old and very frustrated as I was struggling to do basic things. I also broke one of my fingers, unfortunately it was missed initially but 12 weeks on I still had a lot of discomfort and was told there was nothing more they could do.

It was suggested I visit Julien and I was a little sceptical, I hadn’t thought a Chiropractor was the person to help me with these injuries – how wrong I was!

I visited Julien, told him my sorry tale and he was full of positivity and assured me he could sort me out. He wasn’t wrong.

I had just one session of K-Laser and felt a difference in my broken finger. For the first time since the accident I wasn’t waking up in the night because of pain and I didn’t have to manipulate the finger in the morning to get it going, which I had been doing previously. After a full course of K-Laser the improvement in my finger has been amazing, the finger will never be quite the same, butI don’t even think about it now whereas before it was always ‘there’.

When I fell, I landed badly on my hip and had pain and discomfort in the shoulder/neck area where I had put my arm out to break my fall.  Again, Julian has sorted this out. I don’t really understand how he does it but he seems to know, better than me, which areas on my body aren’t quite right. The sessions are non-invasive and at first, I wondered how they were going to do anything, but they do and three months on not only have my aches and pains reduced significantlybut I feel really well in myself. A complete contrast to how I felt when I first arrived at South Street Chiropractic.


13 November 2018 

I came to Julien in August 2018 as I had pulled the base of my back. I could barely walk and was close to tears. I has a back scan that revealed I had extensive damage to my spine.

After talking to Julien for a while I established this had occurred about 19 years agowhen I was hit over the back of the head with a chair whilst working for the prison service.This injury was not picked up or treated at the time. When I started treatment with Julien my left leg was ¾ inch shorter than my right.

I signed up for the intensive treatment programme which also included Laser on my

back. My legs are now both level and for the first time in about 8 years I am virtually pain

free. This treatment has changed my life.

I would like to add that despite feeling quite poorly, the amazing staff at the practice

always looked after me and always put me at ease.They are always friendly and

cheerful. A real credit.

Gillian’s Story

5th December 2018

Having had problems with my lower back and neck for several years and seeking advice from Doctors and Osteopaths, I was recommended by my partner Frank, who was also helped by Julien, to seek his advice. I started my course with Julien, which was excellent, pain free and with no drugs, and I do now feel a different person, my pain and discomfort has gone, and I feel physically and mentally a different person. I can thoroughly recommend Julien to help with any problem you may have. Also, may I say it is an absolute pleasure to go to the surgery as the whole team are so friendly and welcoming.

Belle’s Story

May 2019

A friend recommended Julien at South Street Chiropractic to me last March (2018) as my daughter Belle was struggling to recover from a neck and back injury she had after an accident at gymnastics training last February.

When we met with Julien, Belle had restrictions in her neck movement and was in a lot of pain and unable to train for her gymnastics or surfing competitions.

We completed an eight-week laser treatment and intensive adjustment sessions at South Street, which improved Belles’ range of movement in her neck rapidly and after 6/8 months of regular adjustment sessions Belle was pain free.

She is now back to full training capacity and is competing regularly in her surfing. She recently spent 5 weeks in Sri Lanka with the British team coach, training up to 6 hours a day and did not complain about her back pain once!

I cannot recommend Julien and his team enough for fixing my little girl. She is now training hard for this year’s competitions.

She is currently in Ireland with her brother chasing waves.

Her short-term aim is to compete for her country and long-term goal is to compete on the world tour.

She couldn’t have achieved this speed of recovery without the team from South Street. The staff are so friendly and accommodating.

Thank you for helping Belle to get back on track to achieving her sporting goals.

Sarah (Belles’ Mum)

Thanks also,  to the following clients who so generously took the time to share their experiences.

“I had a very serious injury to my back.  10 sessions of laser combined with acupuncture and chiropractic – excellent results, back to normal now, definitely recommend. There was talk of surgery and was hospitalised before this”. PW Sept 2017

“I would highly recommend the K laser! After a bad injury to my ankle, I went for a course of 6 laser treatments, and my ankle is stronger than before. Sue was always lovely, and made me feel comfortable. I went back today for another laser treatment to my other ankle, and Sue remembered me and the conversations we’d had 6 months before – Great treatment, and made even better with Sue. Highly recommend South Street Chiropractic!” NA Dec2107

“Just finished course of 8 k laser treatments after breaking my leg 6 weeks ago today. I’m back at work already and walking pretty well, can’t recommend enough.”CM Oct 2017 

“What an amazing machine, I have quite painful arthritis and my hands suffer . I also have had a back problem the laser has helped tremendously. Sue is an exceptional nurse, she not only gives such confidence but also so much sympathy and compassion. She and the laser together are great gifts. Thank you Sue” AG Sept 2017 

“Julien sorts me out every time. Can’t recommend him highly enough. Excellent.” CPB Sept 2017 

“My mum suffered really badly with fibromyalgia and become very poorly with it, physically and mentally. We found out about the k laser and we all have never been so happy for her, her life has completely changed for the best thanks to this lovely bunch! 
Also my nan suffers with bad knees and scared to have an operation, thanks again to the k laser this has also changed her life!  Thanks for everything you done for my family you really have changed our lives” April 2017

“My six year old was made to feel comfortable and confident with treatment received, we were talked through the whole process and were treated very well by all the staff we saw”. KB Sept 2015

“Crippled with sciatica, visit to Julien, walking again within 2 days.” JS Feb 2015

“Until I started seeing Julien 3 years ago I had constant back pain. Now I have the occasional twinge but usually won’t at all. Thank you.” GEH Jan 2015

“Julien is always very professional and always my first port of call when my body lets me down” SS December 2014

“Absolutely amazing. Thanks to Julien I can walk again. Always a cheery place to come to because of Sue and Jane! Thank you x” FJ March 2013

“Really brilliant. The only man who can fix my back. Excellent staff.” JP March 2013

“Julien is an amazing man! would recommend to anyone.” SS March 2013

“Fantastic service and treatment.  It is great to have someone with the ability to put right all my wrongs and give me freedom too.” AC March 2013 “I really like it here. Julien fixed me” EC Feb 2013

“Taking our daughter to see Julien was the best thing we ever did!  Following sudden, severe stomach pains, Ella had been unable to stand or walk without screaming for almost 4 months.  Despite thorough investigations, including an operation, conventional medicine had failed to diagnose or cure her condition.  When funding for a Pain Management programme was granted we were grateful but rather distraught to think that our 9 year old should now just be taught to deal with her pain indefinitely rather than be cured.  We took her to see Julien almost as a last resort.  Two days after her initial consultation she was able to stand and walk without pain and after building up the strength in her muscles again is now completely back to normal – surfing, dancing, swimming etc.!  We were struck by the friendly, caring nature of everyone at South Street and felt that everyone genuinely cared for Ella and understood what we were going through.  What Julien achieved was nothing short of miraculous in our minds – although he is always able to give us the technical explanations for why what he does works so well!!” S.C Sept 2012

‘Very friendly staff _ always so welcoming. Julien is just a star! Can’t believe what he can sort out.  Thank you SO much.’ SS Morchard Bishop Sept 2012

 ‘Truly magic! Thank you so much.’ BG North Tawton  September 2012

‘Always welcoming and relaxing.’ JH West Buckland September 2011

‘Very good treatment and very friendly ( I feel a new woman.)’ WAH South Molton 

‘Always made to feel very welcome. The personal touches help you to feel in good hands. the professional treatment is second to none. I feel safe in very secure hands. Thank you.’ GR Nottinghamshire July 2010 

‘Excellent – couldn’t live without Julien!!’ SW High Bickington July 2010 

‘Julien is amazing with such a range of knowledge and a caring approach. The staff are lovely!’ GM Witheridge July 2010 

‘Staff always friendly. Julien’s treatment has always proved wonderful.’ CL Pilton Barnstaple 

‘Wonderful, great friendly staff. Enjoyed my visit yet again! Thank you x.’ AW Barnstaple August 2010 

‘I would recommend your clinic to anybody as over the years you have consistently alleviated the discomfort and pain we have both suffered. I must also commend you staff on their kind and attentive manner which makes the whole thing a more pleasurable experience than it might otherwise be.’  J & C Petty Barnstaple May 2011

‘Thanks for being the only practitioner who has been able to resolve many of my physical problems over the years and enabling me to compete in athletics at a high level. It’s been a great bonus that you have been able to fit me in at short notice.’ Sam Petty Barnstaple (see our sponsored athlete page for more details about Sam.) May 2011

”Wish I’d found Julien sooner – highly recommend to anyone.’VR Landkey June 2010 ‘

Excellent service – friendly and welcoming – and Julien is probably the best thing I’ve found in many years. I would definitely recommend this.’ MO Bishops Tawton June 2010 

‘Excellent staff, really make you you feel welcome!+ Very well looked after. Julien is fantastic, explain things well, and cures the problems! Thank you all so much. Will and do recommend!’ JD George Nympton June 2010 

‘As a longterm back pain suffer this is a place where the staff are very welcoming and the treatment given is beneficial to date. I am impressed.’ RG Coombe Martin June 2010 

‘Excellent staff!I have never been more happy to hand over my money to receive the treatment I have – which is the best I have experienced!’ HCW Parracombe June 2010 

‘Best apples in South Molton (staff aren’t bad either)’ DN Bideford June 2010 

‘Very friendly and helpful staff. I look forward to my visits!’ HG North Molton July 2010 ‘ 

I echo the remarks above, not only professional and relaxed, it works! Have felt so much better since attending. Thank you.’ MS East Anstey July 2010 

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